Services at Park Settlement

structured settlements

A structured settlement is a type of annuity that pays out an award from
personal-injury cases, workers’ compensation claims or other forms of legal settlements. Structured settlement owners receive periodic tax-free payments over time in accordance with the terms.

We provide quick cash solutions for structured settlement clients. We’ll offer you the opportunity to sell your annuity payments and structured settlement payments for cash you can use right now.

Structured Settlement Lump Sum
pension funding

annuity & pension funding

Today’s economic environment has created many challenges in financial and estate planning. Annuities have become a popular investment option for those attempting to lower their tax burden while also properly planning for retirement. However, annuities also create liquidity limitations, and they may no longer be the best solution, especially in an uncertain economy.

lottery & casino winnings

Most lottery and contest winnings are paid as an annuity over 20-30 years. Park Settlement can purchase some or all of your future payments by paying you a large lump sum.

lottery lump sum
presettlement funding

pre-settlement funding

Litigation finance by Park Settlement buys you time by providing the money you need now as well as allows your lawyer more time to work on your case to get a fair settlement or a judgment at trial.

attorney & law firm funding

Raising capital for your law firm? We provide 100% tax-deductible loans for any business purpose – and we’ll beat the banks every time. 

We offer borrowing power from $50,000 up to $15,000,000.

attorney law firm funding
commercial funding

commercial funding

Park Settlement is able to provide advances for commercial lawsuits.

Our program provides an equal opportunity for any commercial enterprise to seek a fair settlement regardless of their financial stature.