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Structured Settlement

Just because you receive a structured settlement doesn’t mean you’re happy with the payment arrangements. Many structured settlement recipients can find themselves in need of extra spending money right now!
That’s where Park Settlement can help!  We provide quick cash solutions for structured settlement clients. We’ll offer you the opportunity to sell your annuity payments and structured settlement payments for cash you can use right now.
What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a way injury victims are compensated after the verdict of their case.  Under the settlement, the injury victim does not receive the settlement in one lump sum, but rather will receive periodic payments, over a period of time, customized to meet the future needs of the victim.

Why sell structured settlement payments?

Circumstances change as time goes on.  What was evaluated and determined to be best at one time may no longer be the best resolution at your current situation.  As your needs change, Park Settlement can help you today so you don’t have to wait or struggle until your next payment.

Why do I need court approval to sell structured settlement payments?

First, state laws require court approval to protect the victim selling the payments to verify that the agreement is fair and in the best interest of the client.  Secondly, federal law imposes a large tax on anyone who buys a settlement without court approval.

Can I sell part of my structured settlement?

Park Settlement recommends to only selling a small portion of your settlement, so we can assist in your short term immediate needs.  That said, we do have the ability to purchase your entire settlement if requested.  Speak with your attorney about what would be the best solution for your individual needs.

For more information or to contact us, click here.  We welcome your questions.

Please be aware, neither Park Settlement nor any other company can change the necessary time to approve an advance for structured settlement payments.  Once we receive the application, it will take at least 70 days for final approval.  This process is NOT determined by Park Settlement, it is determined by the court which will approve your sale of your settlement payments.